Essential Tips for Your Gateway

We have put our years of experience at handling different types of gates into these productive tips for our valued customers. You can follow them to take control of your driveway, and find exciting new ways and solutions to the most common problems.

  • Remove any rust immediately

    Here at Gate Repair Wylie, we highly recommend that you choose a gate with a rust-proof finish. Even though we know that prevention is better than cure, rust does have a sneaky way of making itself at home on your gate. As soon as you see it appear, take a piece of sandpaper and get rid of it! Once done, use a rust-inhibiting primer on the spot and you’re good to go!

  • A little bit of paint will go a long way

    You can give your gate a facelift with just a little bit of elbow grease. We suggest that you sand the gate down to get rid of all of the loose paint and rust. Then use a rust inhibitor on the rust spots and a rust-inhibiting primer on the whole gate. Finally finish off with two or three coats of your favorite color and then, if you have an iron gate, finish off with paint specifically made for iron gates.A