Gate Repair

Gate repairs are usually the fastest and the cheapest way to solve a gate problem. The job can often be done in a matter of hours with excellent results. The return on investment for these repairs is high. When you use Gate Repair Wylie, you can count on us to make your faulty gate look and work like new.

Wood and Iron Gate Repairs

Gate Repairs WylieOpeners, hinges, and intercom systems get damaged or break with time. Accidental damage to any part of the gate can also cause issues. Our gate experts specialize in opener repair, hinge welding repair, intercom repair, and gate alignment. Whether your gate is made of iron or wood, we can fix your gate and make it as good as new. After repairing the problem, our technicians will balance and test your gate, to make sure you won’t be having any more problems with it in the future.

Motorized Gate Repair

In addition to the issues already mentioned, certain gates may also suffer from motor-related problems. These can make or break the functionality of a gate. They can be major issues for security gates or driveway gates, as they can block access to your property. Fortunately, motor gates can often be repaired – just because your motorized gate isn’t working doesn’t have to mean you need to replace it. Our repair experts can assess the problem and offer you a quote.

Gate Replacement

Sometimes damage to the gate opener, hinge, or motor makes repair impossible. A replacement of the broken part or a new gate installation becomes then the only solution. We can install new iron, wood, and iron wrought gates for you at a good price. We can also build custom gates for your needs. If your gate cannot be saved, you can count on us to provide a replacement that is at least as good as the original gate.

Repair or Replace Your Gate Today

Fixing or replacing a damaged or broken gate shouldn’t be stressful and time consuming. With our professional gate repair services, it never is. Our experienced and talented team is here to help you.

Call us today and tell us about your problem.