Gate Installation

For some, the idea of not having a driveway gate installed on your property is unthinkable. The front gate is symbol of your styling and persona that gives guests their first impression of your home. Here we want to talk about the most common types of gate design and the key selling points of each.

Sliding Gates

Gate Installation in TexasSliding gates typically move from one side of the path to the other on a track. The track itself can be disrupted and damaged by a buildup of dirt, so it should be cleaned often. This is one of the hardest types of gate installations to attempt by yourself. The track must lay perfectly aligned and rollers fitted precisely for the door to function flawlessly. Sliding gates can be made very heavy and fortified as their weight is taken directly by the floor. This is great for security and also allows them to vary greatly in terms of design.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are incredibly popular and relatively simple. Due to their simplicity it can be very easy to find a wide variety of gate openers made to support them. Gate opener installation is always tricky no matter what design of gate you have. Many consider it very important to have a professional handle their automatic gate opener installation, as getting it wrong can lead to further frustration down the line.

Barrier or Pivot Gates

These gates can require less room to operate than a swing gate, and don’t require a track like a sliding gate. As the weight of the gate is lifted by motors and gate openers, barrier gates are typically very elegant and light in design. Pivot gates are more supported so tend to come in more heavy varieties. These styles of gate tend not to be as popular as the swing and slide gates, particularly for residential driveways. They are typically more expensive while not offering the same variety in design that can come from swing and sliding gates.

Professional Gate Installation

Gate Repair Wylie is a professional gate installation company that can help ensure your driveway or garden gates are set up to work perfectly.

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