Electric Gate

Gate Repair Wylie is a company that provides repair, replacement, and maintenance services. We focus on all types of electric residential gates and parts. Since electric entranceways have become more common these days, our team has mastered their operation so as to provide the best services to our customers.

Electric GatesAn electric gate is a complicated system made up of several electrical moving parts. Although similar to the traditional entranceway, it gets its name from its mechanism, which is controlled and powered by electricity. Such a system is used in both slide and swing types.

In a swing gate, the actuators are affixed on to the railings and the holding shafts on both sides. When the motor is started, the actuators cause the doors to swing open or close. On the other hand, in a sliding gate, the motor is placed on the bottom side, perpendicular to the toothed contraption which is screwed to the door. The directions for the swing or slide are then programed into a central processing unit. It is possible to fully control the movement of the doors through this unit. Moreover, automatic gates also have backup batteries in case of failure.

As a company with years of experience in servicing all types of entranceways, we employ ingenious techniques and methods to provide the best support to our patrons. Our team can fix all types of electric gate parts such as electric openers, processor boards, wirings, and railings. Our associations with top brands like Ramset, Liftmaster, and DoorKing allow us to aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Following are some of our service highlights:

Expert Electric Gate Motor Repairers

The motor is an important part of an automatic entranceway, second only to the processor board. Motors operate on alternating current (AC) and are always on standby mode. Therefore, they are prone to natural wear and tear. Our team is well-versed in repairing both hydraulic and electromechanical types of motors.

We Follow Safety Rules

The safety of an automatic gate is very important. Under the laws laid out by the state, it must be installed only after certain safety measures are taken. These include restricting the motor speed, proper welding and fitting of the actuators, and use of standard wirings. Proper insulation of all wires and interconnections is also paramount to the overall safety of the entranceway. Since iron is a good conductor of electricity, plastic padding and isolation should be strictly considered. Our technicians take all these factors into consideration while repairing.

For professional support for all your electric driveway requirements, contact Gate Repair Wylie. You can schedule a service visit by simply giving us a call or via our website.