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Our company has been offering professional services for many years. Call us up if you’re currently experiencing issues with your gate, opener or intercom system!

Contact us at Gate Repair Wylie for all the gate repair needs you’ll ever require. We offer professional gate repair services that include the repair and replacement of door panels and their parts. We service all types of gates made out of any of the available materials. Our services also extend to all other hardware that may be connected to your gates such as the openers and automatic operators. For those who have them, we also service intercom systems. We are also not confined to repairing big issues, we also offer maintenance services that’s designed to recognize insidious damage such as wear and tear before they cause extensive damage to your setup.

With Our Team at Gate Repair Wylie You Are Covered!

One of the most common issues with security gates is the failure of their hinges. Hinges may deteriorate over time or they may fail suddenly and in a more spectacular manner. The failure of hinges will depend on how they are attached. Their weld joints may break, detaching the hinge from the metal post or in the case of wood, the post may rot through causing the screws of the hinges to fall out. We’ll fix your hinge problem for you. We’ll reinforce the welds, put in a sturdier replacement post or even add extra hinges to ensure that your gate will move efficiently. Another common issue that we address is misalignment of the door panels. This may be due to hinges falling out or they may be caused by structural failure of the door panels themselves. If this is the case, we’ll provide the proper structural support in the form of cables, added screws or nails, right angle brackets and even struts.

Effective Gate Automation

Heavy gates may be effective in keeping out unwanted people from invading your personal space but they sure are such a hassle to operate manually. If you operate a gate manually, you’re missing out on the convenience of automation. There are two ways to go about this. You can either go semi-automatic or fully- automatic. If you go with semi automation, you still need to consciously prompt the operators with a remote. In fully automatic systems, your gate will open when your car is already in range of the sensors. Call us today at Gate Repair Wylie if you’re interested in having automatic operators such as those produced by popular brands such as FAAC Openers installed at your home. After getting one installed, you’ll probably wonder how in the world you ever managed without it!

There’s countless of ways our company can assist you with your gate! All you need to do is give us a call and let us know how we may be of service today.